Three students building a VEX EDR robot.

VEX Certified Educators

We have trained 14,000 educators to successfully teach educational robotics.

VEX 123, GO, IQ, V5, Workcell and VEXcode VR certificates.

Educators are lifelong learners

VEX now offers free, online training that helps educators at all different ability levels. Experience fun and engaging lessons while supporting students as they become proficient with the VEX Robotics system.

By the end of the VEX Certified Educator program, you will be fully prepared to implement VEX Robotics and become a leader in technology and innovation within your school and community.

V5 Educator Certification Badge.

Get Certified

Have confidence with a VEX certification to effectively integrate cutting-edge robotic technologies.

Two VEX robotics instructors are reviewing a VEXcode program on a laptop.

Train on your schedule

Self-paced lessons and exams make earning certifications accessible to all types of educators.

Training both explains the VEX Robotics system and how best to integrate that technology into any environment.

Community Collaboration

Certified VEX users gain access to a growing community with resources available to enhance or supplement existing material and access to collaborate with other VEX certified users.